Spring Term 2015

Spring Term 2015

It’s great to see the wonderful, creative work happening across the school. We believe children learn the best when they are interested and excited by their learning so teachers have organised some great events already this term; for example, Reception have just visited Living Coasts, Year 1 and Year 5 had the Space Dome, Year 4 have just had an Indian Dance Workshop and Year 6 are currently planning a trip to Cadbury’s World. This week we had a visit from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate (HMI). Catherine Leahy visited the school to see how much progress we have made in meeting the areas for improvement identified by OFSTED. I am pleased to announce that she was very positive about the work we have done, saying teachers are ‘driven’ to make improvements and that there is a’clear steer’ from the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher, and great support from Governors. She spoke about the ‘team spirit’ and ‘collaborative approach’ to development. The way that people work together and support each other is something I have always loved about our Decoy community. Catherine will now write a letter, summarising her findings and I will send this out to you as soon as I receive it.

Mrs O’Neill.

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Herald Express Competition

Herald Express Playground Competition

The Herald Express has launched a brand new competition giving schools the opportunity to win a new, custom built playground worth up to £10,000. For Decoy School to be in with a chance of winning, we need to collect as many tokens as possible! The Herald Express is published every WEDNESDAY so please get as many family and friends to buy the local paper and kindly ask them for their tokens!! There is a box outside the school office to put the tokens in. Today (Wednesday 4th February) is the launch day of for the competition and there are TWO tokens in this weeks issue!!! As always, thank you for your support in this competition – expect LOTS of reminders about this competition!


You can vote once online, or from as many different computers / smart phones/ tablets etc as you like!!!


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The Endeavour Award – January Winner

A huge well done to all the children nominated by their teachers for the Endeavour Award.
The Endeavour Award was donated to the school by Mrs Liz Sanderson last year and will be used to recognise outstanding learners across the school.

This term, each class teacher nominated a person from their class who had demonstrated outstanding learning skills in the second 6 weeks of the Autumn term, this was assessed against our 4 values:

Try your best; Have a go; Make the right choices; Think of others.

This term, the award went to Warren Coyle-Moore in Year 4. Here is why Mrs Cartwright nominated him;

‘I would like to nominate Warren Coyle-Moore. He is a very cheerful and personable boy, who is always enthusiastic and fully engaged with his learning. He always works pro-actively with his peers and shows a real willingness to take on board any suggestions to improve his work by putting the suggestions immediately into practise. His commitment to developing his learning is amazing!’


Previous Winners; Jessie Stevens, Melissa Bright

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The Big Pedal – DAY 10

#TheBigPedal – DAY 10.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone that took part in The Big Pedal.

It has been amazing to see so many families taking part.

Today we had a staggering 49% of our pupils race, as well as 42 supporters – which included a pregnant mum (recorded as 2 supporters!) and a dog wearing a green school jumper named Dunston!!!

A special mention goes out to the Crawfords – 9 of them raced – 3 generations and a dog. Fantastic!

Mr Clutterbuck cycled 225km (approx 140 miles) during the Big Pedal to and from school. Well Done!

The winning class from both KS1 and KS2 will be going to Decoy Park to have a picnic, play games, play in the park and have an ice cream for the afternoon thanks to Martin Burrows & Sustrans.

So the winners…..

KS1 Winners – CHAFFINCHES 2 with 198 points
KS2 Winners – PUFFINS 3 with 226 points

Well done to everyone who took part!!

Most importantly to all the mums and dads, grandparents and carers who supported our school in The Big Pedal – that extra time on your journey each day, carrying the scooters home after drop off, leaving the cars at home, or parking them at Decoy Park – we noticed a huge drop in the congestion on Deer Park Road; so for that, Thank you.

Don’t forget – you can get passes to park at Decoy Country Park for free during the school runs.


















Decoy Primary School Big Pedal #2

Decoy Primary School Big Pedal #1


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The Big Pedal – DAY 2

#TheBigPedal – DAY 2
Tuesday 4th March 2014

Decoy Primary School Big Pedal #1


1st PUFFINS – 7 points – 11 racers / 1 supporter
2nd WOODPECKERS – 5.5 points – 7 racers / 2 supporters
3rd KESTRELS – 5 points – 9 racers / 1 supporter


1st PUFFINS – 11.5 points
2nd WOODPECKERS – 9.5 points
3rd KESTRELS – 7.5 points

Overall our school has 81 points.
13% of the school raced yesterday.
19% of the school raced today – we need to be higher than 25% tomorrow (Wednesday) to be entered into a draw for another fantastic prize.

Points have been entered and will be displayed online at www.bigpedal.org.uk soon.

We need as many pupils and parents cycling or scooting as possible over the next two weeks!!!

Thank you!!

Decoy Primary School Big Pedal #2

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